On October 16, 2005, former and
current Knights softball players
gathered at Bell Field to compete in
the Second Annual Alumni Softball
game.  It was a hard fought battle
which ended in a (hotly contested) 4-4
tie, but everyone agreed that it was
one of the most fun games they ever

Highlights of the game included:
Andrea Carroll pitching 3 innings after
taking a 2.5 year break from pitching.  
Abby Kalland's triple which drove in 2
runs.  Senior pitcher Caitlin Cornell
hitting Steph Lee on the first pitch of
the game right after everyone gave
Steph a hard time about her lack of
padding.  Megan Storey's sac bunt in
the first inning to move Steph over and
Vickie Gunderson's follow up bunt
single with a 3-0 count which moved
Steph to third.  The excellent execution
of a first and third play which resulted
in Amanda Espinosa getting the ball to
catcher Leslie Barry to tag out the third
base runner.  And Vickie Gunderson's
battles with the sun to catch pop flies
at second base.

Alums in attendance included (with
current location in parentheses):

Abby Kalland '04 (Northfield, MN)
Alyssa Honnette '04 (Houston, TX)
Amanda Espinosa '05 (Minneapolis)
Andrea Carroll '03 (Washington DC)
Becky Hollis Diffen '03/'04 (Austin, TX)
Cecily Schrader '03 (Minneapolis)
Julia Wheeler '01 (Minneapolis)
Kate Collyar '04 (Minneapolis)
Laurel Johnson '05 (Minneapolis)
Leslie Barry '05 (Washington DC)
Megan Storey '03 (Washington DC)
Steph Lee '04 (Minneapolis)
Vickie Gunderson '05 (Chicago)

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Game hitting pics                Game fielding pics                Warm up pics

Current player pics

Saturday night pics (Coach - advance warning that there are some
incriminating pictures here)

Northfield pics