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Listed are the posts for May 2006.

What a yarn store should be

So, if you remember from this post (scroll down), my mom ordered a Colinette Ab fab kit last fall from the guys at Threadbear when they had them on sale.  She started working on it recently and here are her results so far.  Very pretty!

She likes it too, except that the color scheme isn’t exactly what [...]

You pick the caption


Pick a stole

I’ve been wanting to knit a stole for quite some time.  Basic black to work with dresses when I go to musicals and ballets and weddings and that sort of thing.  I’ve also been wanting to knit a MAJOR lace project, especially after seeing everyone’s beautiful creations during the Summer of Lace last year and [...]

Halfway there

Oh my, can you believe it, actual knitting photos?!?!
I have reached the midway point on my Mermaid.  Ok, it’s not really the halfway point because I am only half done the body and haven’t done any sleeves or anything, but I am still very proud of my progress. 

Why have I made so much progress?  Here’s [...]

I love weddings!

Many of my friends think I should be a wedding planner - and I think maybe one day it would be a fun second career.  Basically, I love weddings.  I watch Wedding Story and Whose Wedding Is it Anyway and I critique and I admire.  Planning my wedding was quite stressful due to it’s bad [...]

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